Data Thinker

big data, fast processing, open system

Data Thinker (D-thinker) supports Java, Python, C/C++, Puc and, particularly, c0/Layer Zero. Currently, most of the documents on this site are about Layer Zero programming. Documents about other languages will be added soon. D-thinker forms many physical hosts in datacenters to a big virtual machine by a new ISA and provides the programmers system software for datacenter-scale programming, such as the programming languages, the compilers and application frameworks.

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D-thinker provides technologies and tools for data storage, indexing, data mining and machine learning over data from GBs to PBs.

  • Big data indexing and query.
  • Efficient graph process.
  • SQL subset to be supported.
  • Consistent data updates.
  • BSP programming framework (also supports Pregel-style programs).
  • Rich programming libraries/frameworks for data mining and machine learning.

The result of performance comparison on sort, K-means and Logistic Regression shows that D-thinker is 2-72 times faster than Hadoop and 1.6-5 times faster than Spark, which shows its high performance.